Welcome to the Risberg Family web site!

01 Dec 2008
Posted by jrisberg

Welcome to our site! This is the site for the Jeffrey and Emily Risberg family.

Currently, it serves as a reference point for a large amount of content including family information, information on Emily's business, and a set of technical notes on topics related to Enterprise Software organized by Jeff.

There is limited indexing and searching at this point. However, the following primary sections have been created:

Emily Brandon Enterprise Software

Most of the notes on enterprise software are working notes compiled by Jeff, and should be viewed as for developer's only. They relate to a number of excellent books such as those from O'Reilly and Manning, and each note begins with a set of references and reviews. It is not the intent of the notes to remove the need for buying these books, instead the indent is to build on them and relate different topics to one another. Support these great authors and buy their books!

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