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02 Feb 2012

Recent graduate of computer science program at the University of Southern California in the Viterbi School of Engineering. Particularly interested in games and software engineering for computer games.


Academic Focus

  • Software Development - Processes and Tools, including agile development strategies and tools such as Git, SVN
  • Graphics - Algorithms, graphics systems architecture, mathematical concepts (linear algebra)
  • Computer Systems organization - From hardware and software perspective. Including digital logic courses.
  • Gaming related math models - including AI, algorithms (such as A*)
  • Optimization including linear programming
  • Object-oriented modeling and design

Work Experience

  • Zynga, San Francisco, California. Developer intern, 2011
  • Electronic Arts Summer Co-op Program, Redwood City, California
    EA2D studio, Flash game developers under the EA banner
    Summer 2010: Feature development and debug intern on Dragon Age: Legends Facebook game.
  • Punch Entertainment, Mountain View, California. Online game development company
    Summer 2009: Created Facebook Connect application linked to game server, using PHP and Facebook API
  • Serus Corporation, Mountain View, California. Enterprise software development company, using J2EE.
    Summers 2004 - 2007: Developer / Tester intern at this supply chain management software company.

Recent and Relevant Projects

  • Development of iPhone games using Objective C/Cocos2D and C++/Cocos2D-x. Fall 2013.
  • Created multiplayer shooter game using Source 3D rendering engine in C++. Leader for technical team, Spring 2013.
  • In-house game concept and pitch competition at EA, summer 2010. My team placed first by pitching a Facebook-based Mass Effect 2 RPG game. All team members were awarded Apple iPads.
  • Glass Factory - Team learning project to build a agent-based simulation of a glass assembly line. Used Java and Eclipse.
  • Hex Game - a implementation of the Pete Hein's Game of Hex using a mini-max search algorithm with a look ahead depth of 3 for the AI opponent. On-screen graphics produced using Java Swing. Invited to give a presentation on this project at the end-of-year awards event at Menlo School.
  • Digital Art Projects - a set of 3-D models created for art elective during 2007-08.
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